The prices we quote on booking are based upon Company’s chosen route of the destination from pickup address, if Customer chooses to take a different route, there might be additional charges for that.

The Company reserves the rights to change the price of any journey at any time.

Cancellations policy

The Company reserves rights to cancel any job at any time.

Cancellations are allowed but the Company requires 24 hours notice before the pickup time to cancel any journey by the customer. Cancellations made after this time period are liable for a cancellation charge which is on the company’s discretion.


All refunds, if allowed by us are subject to an admin fee.

Waiting policy

For pickup from an address 5 minutes and from airport 60 minutes after the flight has landed after which we start charging waiting charges on prorata basis at the rate of £10 per hour.

Parking charges

We aim to keep the parking charges to minimum for our customers but in any case customers are responsible for paying the parking charges.


If you would like to make any changes to your journey that is booked with us you must do so by calling us.

Any extra pickup or drop off not mentioned at the time of booking is chargeable.

If there is more passengers at the time of pickup than mentioned on booking there may be an extra charge for that.


None of our customer has ever missed their flight because of us, however due to the nature of our business we do not take any responsibility if such event happens.

Its customer’s responsibility to allow adequate time to arrive to airports we do not take any responsibility if the customer gets late for their flight.

Customers are advised to have adequate travel insurance before booking their journey with us.

We do not take any responsibility if the driver gets late to collect you for whatever reason.

Customers are advised to contact us if they are not sure about the luggage capacity of the vehicles. We don’t accept any responsibility if their luggage exceeds the capacity of the vehicle booked by them and there may be an extra charge to accommodate extra luggage and it will totally be upon driver’s discretion.

The dates and times you provide us must be British.

Its customer’s responsibility to inform us about delays and if they miss their flight.

Its customer’s responsibility to inform us if they need a child seat and what age. A child is counted as one passenger.

It is customer’s responsibility to contact the driver soon after landing on the number provided by us or the driver him self.

Our drivers do help customers with their luggage but It remains customer’s responsibility to take their luggage to the vehicle and load and unload it. We do not take any responsibility if the luggage or its contents get damaged during loading and unloading or during the journey.

Any passenger behaving in disorderly threatening or abusive manner toward our driver or the vehicle will be refused transportation.

If a customer causes spillage vomits or cause trash or damages the vehicle will be charged cleaning fee or damage repair charges plus loss of earnings rate of which will be decided by us.

All our drivers and vehicles are licensed to carry passengers we may send any vehicle to collect you within your booking category.

We carry a strict no smoking policy in our vehicles. Alcohol consumption is also not allowed. Consuming food or drink in the vehicle is upon the drivers discretion.

Customers carrying animals must do so in suitable carry cages and must inform us before booking with us.


We do not offer any compensation in any event.

Lost and found

If you think that you have lost an item in one of our vehicles please report it to us as soon as possible and we will investigate and if found will make necessary arrangements to return it to you. There might be a charge for delivering the item to your address.


Please write to us and we will investigate and will come back to you regarding your complaint.