This is contract between the “Driver” and the Company “The Airport Chauffeur Service”

Driver agrees to

The Company’s prices, procedures and vehicle capacity standards.

Carry out all the jobs given to him by the Company.

Dress smart and be well groomed while carrying out the bookings.

Keep interior and exterior of their vehicle clean and free from odors.

Pick and drop off customers to and from any location given by the Company.

Help the customers with their luggage and be courteous and polite.

Be at the pickup address provided by the Company, well before pickup time because it is unacceptable that a driver gets late from a pickup whether from an address or airport.

Monitor the flights for every airport pickup.

Take full responsibility of the job(s) booked by themselves.

Keeping the parking charges to minimum.

Not to charge customer for any thing customer does not agrees to.

Pass their contact details to the customers prior to the journey.

Be professional while carrying out jobs.

Have a baby seat and a booster seat.

Cooperate with the Company and its customers.

Be charged 15% fee on the price of each job they carry out.

Pay Company’s weekly fee on time.

Take parking charges from customer on cash jobs.

Send parking payment receipts to the Company for reimbursement on prepaid jobs within next 14 days.

Give us at least one week’s notice if decides to leave.

Allow the Company to share his and his vehicle’s details with customers as per TFL’s requirement.

You are required to pay us £100 as security deposit which is fully refundable should you decide to leave us as long as we do not owe you any money. Please transfer the amount into following bank account.

Adeel Haroon

S/C 40-01-07

A/C 41548581

The Company reserves right to alter, swap or take back any jobs given to the driver.

In case of driver being late or not arriving for a job he/she will be liable to pay any costs/loss that the Company or the customer as a result might have or claim for. For prepaid jobs we only pay for up to 60 minutes of parking charges rest is to be claimed from the customer in cash. We have a customer feedback system by which every customer can give feed back for every journey they book with us and it is continuously monitored.